What is atomicvibe?

The inspiration for the name comes from the attitude and aesthetic of the Atomic Age. An exciting era of major scientific discovery and progress, it moved us forward in substantial ways and touched every aspect of life. Art, design, architecture, film, and fashion were all influenced by the promise of a better and brighter future.

Borrowing from the principles of nuclear fusion, the name atomicvibe represents that sudden moment of inspiration and clarity in the creative process when tiny ideas coalesce and explode into meaningful design.

The fusion of Art and Science.

Effective design is not only about understanding what looks good, but also why it works.

This requires a meticulous process of strategic development that occurs well before launching into any design applications. It starts with client interviews and information gathering sessions, where personal connections with clients’ values, goals, and motivations are established. From there, industries and target audiences are researched, and the tone of voice, core values, attributes, messaging platforms, and unique selling propositions are clearly defined.

That’s the Science.

After a strategy is developed, the Art process begins. It involves pulling together visual inspirations to establish mood, studying type specimens and selecting or creating appropriate typefaces, conducting color studies, sketching countless thumbnails, and refining key visuals.

Sketching is integral to the atomicvibe design methodology. While computers and digital design software are amazing tools, they can’t generate ideas. Intelligent, compelling design requires brainpower and the human touch. At atomicvibe, the best work is achieved from a structured process of client communication, creative insight, research, and sketching by hand. Only after the analog design process is completed does the digital phase begin, which involves technical execution and lots of tweaking to get everything just right.

The catalyst behind atomicvibe.

My name is Jon Stapp, and I’m the Founder of atomicvibe. I’m also an internationally recognized, award-winning designer and Creative Director whose work has been featured in many respected design publications, including:

With 21 years experience, I’ve worked with a broad range of clients across a variety of industries including hospitality, technology, sports, food and beverage, nonprofits, education, science, and public health.

Notable clients include: Four Seasons, Volkswagen, The Washington Redskins, Inspirato with American Express, Newseum, Defenders of Wildlife, Boston Public Schools, CDC, NIH, and HHS.

I also have extensive real estate branding experience, having worked with many powerhouses in the industry such as: The Bozzuto Group, DSF Group, Erkiletian, The JBG Companies, Forest City Enterprises, Inc., Foulger-Pratt, Rushmark Properties, and The Mosites Company.

Prior to launching atomicvibe, I was an Art Director at HZDG, a large branding agency with offices in MD, DC, CA, and NY. Before that, I was an Art Director at AIR, one of the world's largest behavioral and social science research and evaluation organizations.