Letterpress poster



Winning submission to a poster contest sponsored by Gilah Press, a letterpress print shop in Baltimore, MD. Only 10 artists' designs were selected for inclusion in a limited-edition letterpress-printed poster box set.

The theme, which was to be interpreted any way we liked, was "Ready, Set, FLY."


My wife and I love penguins, and we identify strongly with them since they mate for life and share child-rearing responsibilities. Several years ago, we missed an opportunity to take a South American cruise, which offered several land excursions off the southern coast to visit penguin rookeries and walk amongst them. We vowed to eventually take this trip someday.

This experience is represented in this poster. There is a bit of sadness and longing depicted, with melancholy icy hues and a forlorn penguin couple gazing upward at the constant reminders of their flightlessness. Yet, they have each other, and there is still a glimmer of hope that, one day, these penguins may take flight.


Final poster

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