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If you're not moving forward, you're falling behind.

This is the personal motto of Christian Kamau, an entrepreneur and native Hawaiian who infuses Aloha Spirit into all aspects of his life. He’s a surfer, a sports and fitness enthusiast, and an academic, and he continually strives to learn, progress, and improve his position in life, both personally and professionally.

Sielke, pronounced SEE-EL-KAY — a phonetic pronunciation of his initials, CLK — is the holding company for his various businesses, projects, and creative endeavors.


Approachable, inspirational, dynamic, promising.

Concept Rationale

Sielke is the direct, outward extension of Christian’s own ideals, values, philosophies, and personality. While he wears many hats, his spiritual connection with the Earth through surfing keeps him balanced, grounded, and focused. To successfully harness such raw, unbridled natural power requires skill, persistence, determination, and confidence. Thus, surfing becomes a metaphor for Christian's own entrepreneurship, and is the key driving force of this visual identity.

The custom-designed letterforms are inspired by the dynamic movement of breaking waves, while the colors, textures, and pattern reference the sun, sand, and surf of a Hawaiian Paradise.

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