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Snake Eyes Software is a regional software engineering and security consulting firm with aspirations for global growth within five years. The company's core values are truthfulness, honesty, and integrity, and the founder, Evan Oslick — an experienced software engineer and software security specialist — firmly believes in simplicity, precision, and efficiency. The company's tagline is "Keep it simply secure," and to Mr. Oslick, software security is not effective if it's "easy."

Target Audience

Currently, software professionals (software developers, security professionals); small to midsize business owners.


Authoritative, but light and straightforward.

Concept Rationale

This concept is based on notion that digital security relies on the triad of Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability.

Symbolic imagery of the Ouroboros (snake eating its own tail) which represents self-reflexivity or cyclicality, is combined with a trefoil (or Escher) knot. In mathematics, a trefoil knot is a Prime Knot, and is the purest form of a non-trivial knot — meaning it’s not possible to untie it without cutting it. This relates to software security such that a secure system should prevail into perpetuity; it should be protective and unwavering.

This concept is heavily rooted in symbolism, and is intended to look exacting, techy, sleek, almost robotic.

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Concept Rationale

This concept is iconic, bold, and dynamic, and symbolic of a snake's nature: silently protective and defensive, but strong and powerful when poised to attack.

The forward slant evokes feelings of progression and fluidity of motion; infinitely moving forward.


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Concept Rationale

This concept was heavily inspired by sports team mascots in how clearly they convey themes of strength, power, agility, speed and perseverance — all qualities that are relevant to digital security systems and software.

Here, the snake takes a very defensive, protective stance as it coils and wraps around the name, yet is poised and ready to strike when necessary.

There is a monogram hidden here; do you see it?


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