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Tea With Company is a subscription-based service that will deliver monthly curated pairings of responsibly-sourced, premium loose leaf tea with artisanal foods.

One of the primary goals of this service is to provide its members a way to momentarily disconnect from their hectic, stressful, technologically dependent lives, and to give them a reason to physically, emotionally, and spiritually connect with themselves and loved ones through the shared sensory experience of food exploration. This service will encourage its members to let go, and to give themselves permission to experience profound joy.

At its launch, Tea With Company will provide tea and small batch, hand-crafted chocolate pairings, but the hope is that, over time, other artisanal foods will be included. Tea will be the one constant.


Connectedness and caring, and full of whimsy, wonder, and joy. Spiritual, a little edgy, and fresh.

Target Audience

Healthy, active, spiritually conscious urban professionals age 25–40 living hectic, busy lives; largely female, with a strong interest in specialty teas, craft chocolate, mindfulness, and meditation. Male audience may be more interested in connoisseurship, while female audience may be more interested in joyfulness and presence.



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